The Kilts Series

The Celtic Contract, A Kilts Book (1)

Claire Regan is on a mission, and not even the sexy Irish singer and “bad boy” of Kilts, Liam Donahue, is going to get in her way. But after her well-meaning landlady tricks her into spending the evening with Liam, she decides, just once, to take advantage of the opportunity. After all, she’ll never see the man again, anyway, unless she attends one of his concerts.

But leaving Liam the next morning without a goodbye is unexpectedly heartbreaking. And then an argument with a loved one the next day puts Claire over the edge, and it doesn’t take long before she’s drinking her troubles away. The day she ends up in the drunk tank at the local gaol in Dublin is a new low for her. Forced into signing a contract–written only in Irish–Claire finds herself working for Kilts–and right back in the company of Liam.

Liam is running for his life. Escaping from the rabid Kilts fans who seem to be everywhere at once, is his top priority. His goal is the pub his cousin owns.Too bad the room is already occupied. Liam instantly is smitten. Between the masked woman’s terrible accents and hard-won giggles, and the fear that makes her tremble when they touch, he knows he’s a goner. Safe behind his own mask, he can finally be himself, without worrying about his celebrity status. But he’s devastated when he wakes to find her gone. And then he’s furious when he learns she paid for the night with him. Now he’s determined to find her, even if just to give her hell.

Their reunion doesn’t go well. If it wasn’t for the contract, Claire would just move on. But when the accidents start happening, it’s Liam that she turns to for help, even while she’s working hard to shut him out. Liam is just as determined to keep Claire safe, and he’ll use every weapon at his disposal to make sure it happens.

The Celtic Captive–A Kilts Book (2)

All Cáel Moore wants is a latté. On tour in Washington State with his Irish music group, Kilts, he sneaks out the back door of a coffee shop, and witnesses a murder. Taken by the killers to a remote area in Mt. Rainier National Park, he manages to escape, but is injured in the attempt. When he wakes up tied to the bed of a beautiful stranger, with no memory of anything except for knowing just how those sweet lips will taste, he has to use all his wits to survive. Lucky for him, the woman–who calls herself Molly–is terrible at tying knots. And for some reason, she thinks he can only speak Irish.

Molly Evans is in hiding, too. She is done with her celebrity life–and with music in general. But her little sanctuary in the woods is about to be invaded–and by a too-sexy Irish man who’s in danger of stealing her heart. Although they don’t speak the same verbal language, they do share the language of music–and the language of love where no words are needed.

But Cáel’s secret is weighing on his heart. And as he starts to remember bits and pieces of his old life, he has a decision to make. If he confesses, he risks loses the one woman he’s absolutely sure he’s meant to be with.

As both rescue and danger close in, what will Cáel choose? And will it be too late?

The Celtic Cradle

Life, as Séamus Kierney knows it, is over. When the famous Irish singer and guitar guru of Kilts finds himself suddenly single dad to a biscuit-stealing wee monster named Róisín, all he knows is that his carefree days are over. In just a few short days, Séamus’ new daughter gifts him with an explosive nappy, climbs the bookshelf with Séamus’ music awards, and locks him out of the house–in his underwear.

He handles all this with reasonably good grace, but when he’s offered the road trip of a lifetime, and his good buddies are unable to mind the baby, he finds himself in desperate need of help. Good thing his nerdy neighbor is so easy to manipulate.

Rebecca Foster, a PhD candidate studying at Dublin University, is no pushover. She knows what Séamus is doing–and she’s got a few tricks of her own up her sleeve. Securing a promise from him to participate in her experiment at the local church, in exchange for her help, is just the beginning. Now if she could just keep her hands off the guy…

Once in Séamus’ house in Bray, and despite all of Rebecca’s attempts to quell the attraction building between them, the two grown-ups in Róisín’s life get cozy. Add in the “dog” Rebecca adopted without asking, and pressure from her parents, and life gets crazy.

But Rebecca starts her new job at Yale in a few months. And then the only man that could throw a spanner in Séamus’ deepening love for his daughter shows up.

Can Séamus find a solution to keep his new little family together? Or is he doomed to revert back to his single life, now that he’s finally fallen in love?


3 thoughts on “The Kilts Series

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  2. I just read the first “kilt” and I am hooked. Are you going to be doing audible? would love to hear the perfect irish accent in your books come to life.


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