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The Celtic Cradle, Serve Me, and #NaNoWriMo

Hey peeps,

I can’t believe it’s November, already. October flew by so fast, with so many things happening, it’s just dawning on me that there’s only two months left until 2016.

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So, I thought I’d just provide an update. My newest book in the Kilts Books series, The Celtic Cradle, will be available on Friday, November 6th, through Kindle, Amazon and Createspace. This is book three of my series, and I’m feeling pretty blessed in this whole writing process.

The Celtic Cradle

In this novel:

Séamus Kierney has met his match, and she doesn’t quite come up to his knee. Suddenly, the “playboy” permanent bachelor of the Irish music group, Kilts, has to be responsible. In just the space of a few days, sixteen-month old “wee monster” Róisín gifts him with a messy blow-out, climbs his display case, and locks him out of his house, in the rain.

And in just his underwear.

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Royalties, Seattle Writer’s Workshop, and The Celtic Cradle

Hey, how’s everyone doing? First off, my apologies for taking so long between posts—it’s been a hectic few months. Second, here’s an update on my last post. My son from another mother (and father), Kaleb, is doing great! His recent check-ups have all gone very well, and he’s back to playing his guitar and viola. His plans include heading back to school in the near future to focus on his music, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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