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Tá sé Seachtain na Gaeilge!

Dia daoibh, peeps!

It is Irish (language) Week, which actually runs from March 1-17th, so I’d thought I’d share a bit about my journey into Ireland’s culture, history and language. And, I’ve made my Kilts series FREE until Saturday. More on that later.

I’ve been taking classes from CKonLine @ CKonLineteaching.com. It’s the company founded by Irish musician Colm Keegan, of Celtic Thunder, and the classes are taught by him.

I started by taking music theory, which was fascinating for me. Although I remembered quite a bit of the information (notes on the staff, beats per measure, etc) I learned a great deal in just the five sessions. So, I signed up for more. It’s a bit of a jolt to have someone whose music you thoroughly enjoy suddenly on camera teaching your class, but Colm is a terrific teacher and I soon got over my jitters.

The next class I took was a ten-week individual class on The Great Famine, or An Gorta Mór. Serious stuff. As a child of an Irish mom, who came to the States when she was just sixteen, I connected with the history and could easily imagine the pain and suffering of the Irish people, whether they chose to denounce their faith, language and culture in order to survive, or whether they stuck to their guns. More than a million people died during the period between 1845-1852, and more than a million left, often tricked into leaving their home by the false promises made to them by the landowners.

And I’ve just finished a five week group class in Irish, or as Gaeilge. That’s pronounced “gwale-guh”. I can now make small talk as Gaeilge, and  I practice my cúpla focail as often as I can. I’m looking forward to the next class already.

For those of you who are interested, CKonLine’s Spring II term just went on sale. He’ll be teaching Irish, Music Theory and a class on the 1916 Easter Uprising.

If you’re looking for great character backstory, a new setting for your novel, or just to learn a bit about the rich culture and history, and the beautiful language of Ireland, CKonLine is the place to start.

To honor Seachtain na Gaeilge, I’ve made my Irish-themed books free on Kindle until Saturday, March 18th.

the celtic contract picThe Celtic Contract–Claire Regan is on a mission, and not even Liam–the handsome “bad boy” of the Irish music group Kilts,  will get in her way.

But when the accidents start happening, Claire finds herself reluctantly accepting Liam’s help. Now if she can just prevent herself from accepting his love.




The Celtic Captive–Molly’s self-imposed seclusion is interrupted when a man literally falls face down at her feet. She tends to his injuries, and once he’s finally regained consciousness, learns he can only speak and understand Irish.

the celtic captive pic

Cáel has no idea where he is. Worse, he has no idea who he is. All he knows is that he’s going to use every advantage he has, including pretending not to understand the beautiful girl at his side. It’s not every day a man wakes to find himself injured and tied to a woman’s bed, after all. **This book contains lots of phrases/words as Gaeilge (Irish). There’s a glossary and pronunciation guide in the back to help you out. 🙂


The Celtic CradleThe Celtic Cradle–Life, as Séamus Kierney knows it, is over. The confirmed bachelor is suddenly a dad to petite, ginger firecracker named Róisín. Good thing his American neighbor, Rebecca,  is so easy to manipulate. He’s going to need a lot of help.

Rebecca Foster is no dummy. A psychologist staying in Dublin to run a final experiment before she can earn her doctorate, she uses her leverage to coerce Séamus into helping her with her project. His charm is legendary, though, and so Rebecca uses all of her weapons in her arsenal–positive self-talk, purposeful insults, and the knowledge that she has to leave in a few months to take the position her parents always wanted her to have.

But the man and his adorable baby are working their way into her heart. When Séamus’ custody of Róisín is suddenly in jeopardy, and the timeline for Rebecca’s departure is moved up, what will she do?


I am also pleased to announce my debut psychological thriller is now available.

Serve Me is the story of a woman who learns she is not who she thought she was. Her name, her culture, her husband…all lies. For what reason? Jada doesn’t know, but she’s not about to let the man who calls himself Jake get to her. No matter what shocking techniques he uses to make her obey. And even though he’s the same man who’s been haunting her dreams, a stranger whose every move, every gesture feels immediately familiar. Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_5979764

Jake Turner is an undercover agent working for the agency called One. His mission is to get Jada ready, by any means available, for the big test coming up. If she fails, she dies.


All of my books are available here: http://amzn.to/1QUmmhC


Go raibh míle maith agaibh! And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

(Thanks a million)