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A chance to learn music theory from an expert, Colm Keegan!

(Image courtesy of YouTube, Colm Keegan’s channel. http://www.ckonlineteaching.com)

Hey peeps,

Wanted to pass along a short blurb featuring an awesome opportunity for growth. Colm Keegan, Irish singer with the popular world music group Celtic Thunder, is taking students for his online teaching school. He starts his Music Theory class on Monday, July 20th, and will also teach an Intro to Irish after Christmas.

As a former member of Celtic Woman, a current Principal singer of Celtic Thunder, and with his own CKonTour duo with talented cellist, singer, dancer, and actor Laura Durrant, Colm has been all over the world. He’ll use his own music training and education, combined with his experience, to engage the student in an interactive setting.

Students can choose either one-on-one classes, occurring either twice a week, or once a week, or a group class that is held on Saturdays.

Whether you’re into music, a perpetual student, or a writer trying to deepen your well to draw from, this class is for you–and you don’t need any experience in music to join. He’ll teach to your level.

Colm is smart, funny and charming, and he’s very passionate about teaching.

From his home to yours–it’ll be great craic!


All the details are in the video. What’re you waiting for?


December lists, Resolutions and The Dance

December always seems to prompt list-making and introspection.

There are lists that celebrate the Top 100 songs/albums/music videos/memes/political screw-ups and selfies of the year.


Almost a selfie!

Neil Byrne, Toni DePoister (bf), me, and Ryan Kelly

There are to-do lists for the Holidays (yes, I capitalized that—Christmas is a Holy Day for me) and gifting lists and winterizing your car/home/work space lists. There are “I want…” lists, usually disguised as cute letters to the jolly sweet man in the North. No, I’m not talking about Colin Mochrie, though he is pretty sweet. Continue reading