How do you say…?

If you find any other names or phrases you’d like to know how to say, please leave a comment below. I’ll do my best.

Character names: 

Claire Regan–Her last name is pronounced “ray-gun”.

Liam Donahue–“lee-um” not “lie-um”.


Áine Brannan–“Aw-nya”

Cáel Moore–“kay-el”

Séamus Kierney–the first name is pronounced “shay-muss”. The closest equivalent to this Irish name is James. My mom used to call my dad that when she was feeling, umm, frisky. 🙂

Róisín Kierney–“ro-sheen”


Slainte–“slawn-cha” or, as someone else put it, “it’s a lawn chair” said really fast

Maidin mhaith:  “maj-in why”

Póg mo thóin: usually translated as “kiss my ass”, it’s pronounced “pogue may hone” .

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