The Celtic Cradle, Serve Me, and #NaNoWriMo

Hey peeps,

I can’t believe it’s November, already. October flew by so fast, with so many things happening, it’s just dawning on me that there’s only two months left until 2016.

omg cat


So, I thought I’d just provide an update. My newest book in the Kilts Books series, The Celtic Cradle, will be available on Friday, November 6th, through Kindle, Amazon and Createspace. This is book three of my series, and I’m feeling pretty blessed in this whole writing process.

The Celtic Cradle

In this novel:

Séamus Kierney has met his match, and she doesn’t quite come up to his knee. Suddenly, the “playboy” permanent bachelor of the Irish music group, Kilts, has to be responsible. In just the space of a few days, sixteen-month old “wee monster” Róisín gifts him with a messy blow-out, climbs his display case, and locks him out of his house, in the rain.

And in just his underwear.

He’s just settling into this dad business with reluctant good grace when the chance of a lifetime comes up. He’s been asked to tour with one of his musician heroes. But in order to take it, he’s going to need some help. Good thing the nerdy neighbor next door is so easy to manipulate.

Rebecca Foster isn’t falling for Séamus’ charms. She didn’t get to be the newest professor hired at Yale by being so easily duped. That’s the newest professor IF she can get her dissertation written. But with the constant distraction of the hot guy next door, and his adorable baby, she knows it’s a losing battle. And though her help comes with a price–Seamus must help with her experiment–she’s sure the biggest cost is going to come from her heart.

It doesn’t take long before sparks fly, despite Rebecca’s unique way of putting distance between them. To his shock, Séamus is even entertaining thoughts of forever after. But Rebecca is due to leave in a month, and then Séamus’ claim to Róisín is threatened.

Will Séamus and Rebecca find a way to stay together? And will Séamus get to keep his wee biscuit-stealing Róisín in his custody, now that she’s already stolen his heart?

The Celtic Cradle, available November 6th.

I’d love to hear what you think of my newest creation. Please feel free to communicate with me on Twitter, at m_jeanie11, or via this website, or at

I’m so excited about The Celtic Cradle, but it’s not the only project I’ve been working on. I’ve also won a spot in the top five submissions for my manuscript, Serve Me. And I’ve started a partnership with a fun, and incredibly talented guy, named Eamonn Blair. He’s the Glue Guru of Dublin, and together we’ll be writing a YA series and an adult series based on his life experiences.

Stay tuned for more info.


This is National Novel Writing Month. During the month of November, new and experienced writers alike are encouraged to write at least 50,000 words toward a new novel. I’m participating, with my current WIP.

What keeps me motivated?

The need to keep writing, to get these stories out of my head, and to where my characters have a wider audience to play to.

Music. (Celtic Thunder, Colm Keegan, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, Byrne & Kelly, Emmet Cahill, Emmett O’Hanlon, Keith Harkin. Are you sensing a theme?)

Colm Keegan, my daughter, Emmett O'Hanlon, me, Ryan Kelly

Colm Keegan, my daughter, Emmett O’Hanlon, me, Ryan Kelly

My Irish History class with Colm Keegan, with CKonLine.


Oh! Speaking of CKonLine. Colm’s brand new teaching website is up for its first educational award through Houghton Mifflin. Please take a minute to vote for his entry. He’s a fabulous teacher–committed, passionate and knowledgeable, and so very kind to his students.

I’d appreciate any good thoughts you’d like to send my way. NaNoWriMo has the potential to draw out some fantastic projects, but it also has the potential to make a writer slightly crazy. 🙂

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Speaking of that…time to get writing. Horace O’Slattery’s story won’t write itself.

Damn it all, anyway.



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