An Irish teen’s view on American tourists, the “health” of the Irish Language, and sloths…

Irish whistleA few weeks ago, I had the chance to interview the lovely young lady from Ireland, Thea Kelly, who has helped me with some translation work for my second book, The Celtic Captive.

This is part two of that interview.

Tell me a little about yourself–your favorite activities, movies, books, etc.

I enjoy running and swimming. Considering I am surrounded by water (at home and at school) swimming wasn’t a hobby by choice. I’m training to become a qualified lifeguard and soon enough I will be! I’ve been swimming since I could remember, whereas I only started running when I was 15. During my stressful exam year, I found relief in running. I enjoyed the fact that I could just run and run and keep going to burn away all my stresses and worries! Since starting, I’ve already competed in two mini marathons, and I have another one coming up soon!
Cape Clear Island, Ireland

Cape Clear Island, Ireland

I enjoy reading and watching movies and tv too! I would read any typical soppy romance novel any day, but then again I also love crime/thrillers, so it’s a very weird combination! My favourite novel would have to be Child 44 by Tom Rob Smith. They actually made a movie recently! My favourite movie is “A Cinderella Story” set in California. It’s a beautiful romantic movie for your typical teenage girl 🙂

th[5]When it comes to tv, I don’t watch a whole lot of, but when I do it’s Bondi Rescue that I’m usually watching!
**Bondi Rescue is an Australian reality show about lifeguards who patrol Bondi Beach.
My biggest musical influence is definitely Adam Young (aka Owl City). People do not usually know who that is, but when I say “Fireflies” then they know. He’s from Michigan actually 🙂 He is another big reason why I really want to go to North America! I’ve never seen him in concert because every time he came to Ireland he was playing in Dublin and you had to be over 18 😦 I’ll hopefully get to meet him someday!
What about your own musical skills? It seems as if everyone in Ireland can play two or twelve instruments. Does this apply to you, too?
I used to play the piano when I was younger. I mainly thought myself but did take lessons. In primary school then we had to learn the tin whistle. Therefore I considers that this does apply to me 🙂 Irish whistle
I’ve seen reports that seem to show the Irish language is on a decline in Ireland. Some people blame it on the way it’s taught, some on cultural issues. I’ve also seen some fun videos of students singing popular tunes in Irish, which seem to prove the opposite. Which do you think is happening? (Check out The Cup Song, Irish version at
Most definitely the Irish language is dying, that is an unavoidable fact. However a lot of work is being done by groups to try and keep it alive. Ireland still has Irish speaking schools (called gaelscoils), and graded gaeltachts to try and improve the Irish language. I think that the main problem is the standard of Irish is dropping. As more old folks die who spoke amazing Irish, the younger generations lose a bit of touch. If I was to compare my Irish to someone who was around in the 1920ties, I wouldn’t be half as good!
What are you passionate about? What makes you laugh?
I’m passionate about my education and building a strong future. I want to be happy and successful in life. My friends and I go by the motto “Do everything, regret nothing”. Now of course, sense applies to this 🙂
I want to do everything that I’ve ever dreamed of doing and not to let fear get in my way, because in the end “we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.
Thea Kelly and her friends, Síle and Lucy

Thea Kelly and her friends, Síle and Lucy

My friends make me laugh! Síle and Lucy are the two most funniest girls I’ve ever know 🙂 shout out to them!!
What do American tourists do that make you giggle?
I think American tourists’ fascination and enthusiasm about our culture is the most funniest thing. Hearing them trying to speak Irish is quite entertaining actually! I love the way they really make an effort which is nice to know that some people appreciate us 🙂
Which is cuter? A sloth or a koala?
I’m going to say that a Sloth is cuter because growing up I used to watch this tv show called “It’s a Big Big Tree” which was about a sloth who lived in a big tree (pretty self explanatory). He was my favourite character!
I have a few more questions for Thea, and answer her questions for me, in the next post. But for now, this is the song written by Molly for Cáel, in The Celtic Captive, which Thea helped me translate.
Do Stór Mo Chroí

I had hidden away,

afraid to be more

than this shell of a woman,

‘til you came to my door.

Like Flynn to the rescue,

my soul tangled with fear,

my music imprisoned

‘til I let down my hair.

You broke though my chains

of false security,

taught me how to love

and how to be free.

Agus tá a fhios agam,

A rún mo chroí,

tá mé slán.

Tá mé slán.

Now I know who I am,

I’m ready to leap.

If you’ll take my hand,

Then my heart you can keep.

At the cliff’s edge we stand,

Harmony our hearts sing,

When we step off the edge,

Love unfurls our wings.

Agus tá a fhios agam,

A rún mo chroí,

Tá mé slán.

Tá mé slán.


Tá mé slán….ag eitilt.

I am safe….ag taibhreamh.

Tá mé slán….i mo bheo.

I am safe…. go deo.

I’ll be announcing a contest relating to this song in next week’s post. (By the way, the English translations and pronunciation guide for the Irish used here is included in my book.) And I love comments and feedback, for my books, and this post.
the celtic captive pic

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