Kaleb’s story

Happy Saturday, everyone!

This posting is a little different than my others. I write this in support of my best friend, Toni Depoister, and her family.

Toni is more like a sister to me; I’m closer to her than I am to my own sisters. The first to offer help to anyone who asked, and the first to spot those who need help but refuse to ask, she and her husband Steve have three children. Their oldest, Kaleb, is a phenomenal musician.

Accepted immediately by Central Washington’s Music program, he was well on his way to gaining the accolades he deserved. And then something happened.

He developed a brain tumor, called a medullablastoma, a highly aggressive form of cancer. He left school and returned home.

And thus began the several-times-a-week trips to Seattle, an hour’s drive from his home. Thankfully, he is doing well, despite, or because of, the endless rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, shots, tests, doctor’s appointments, etc.

Kaleb and my daughter Kaitlyn were born two years and three days apart. They shared many birthday parties growing up, and Kaitlyn looks to Toni and Steve like they’re her parents, and Kaleb, his sister Bethany, and his brother Ian, like siblings.

Toni and Steve have been amazingly generous to me. Not only have they listened to my ramblings, provided countless reassurances, humor and gentle prodding when I needed it, but my daughter and I stayed at their home when Kaitlyn was just five. They have given me material things, like a computer, and support during my darkest days.

I think of their children as my own, even if I don’t always show it.

But Toni tells the story far more eloquently than I. Please click on the link below. As you can imagine, the costs of treatment are staggering. Added to that are the transportation costs, the emotional struggle, the constant worry.

Please, let’s help take some of that from Kaleb and his family. He’s an amazing musician–and soon he’ll be back at Central Washington, doing what he loves most, creating music.



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