The chicken’s hostage and punishment (mine, that is)

As promised, the end of the story is below. But this website wouldn’t allow me to show the video I threatened dangled in front of you, so please go check it out on my Facebook page,

Here it is… The end of Charlie and the Chicken.

Charlie’s knees began to shake. Oh man, she thought, I need a new job.

“Okay, listen, chicken,” she began. “All I wanted was a few eggs, but I can see that’s not going to happen.”

Charlie risked a peek at the chicken’s beady eyes and sighed. There was going to be no reasoning with this particular bird today. Breathing in and then out slowly, trying to keep the shock-stick away from her bum, Charlie prepared herself for the biggest battle this fair had ever seen, since this morning when one of the lambs in the kiddie petting zoo had gone bonkers. He had taken a peculiar interest in a rapper named Bo Peeps, and had followed him and his DJ, Mary, around everywhere.

Charlie took in one more stabilizing breath, and then, so quickly the bewildered and slightly manic chicken had no time to react, reached up and grabbed the foul-tempered fowl by its neck.

Jerking it away from her body, Charlie held on to the flapping fowl for all she was worth until the chicken dropped the electric stick.

Success! Flushed with victory, it took Charlie a moment or two to realize that the crowd seemed disappointed instead of relieved. Thinking fast, Charlie took several steps across the path.

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the chicken crossed the road.”

The crowd laughed and began to disperse, leaving Charlie, The Short-Statured Egg Snatcher, to bring the defeated chicken back to its pen.


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