The chicken saga continues…

Hey, everyone!

Just wanted to mention a few things. First, check out the continuation of the story in the comments section. Jim Martin has added to the story and it is funny! Poor Charlie…

The next challenge will be up shortly, and anyone can contribute.  I’m going to do a “Mad-Lib”-style questionnaire, and then weave the answers into the next part of the story.


Second, and this is huge, my second book will be available Friday, September 26th! Whoo hoo!

This is part two of the four-part Kilts series. The Celtic Captive tells the story of Cáel Moore, one of the principal singers of Kilts. Cáel gets himself into a pickle when he witnesses a crime and is taken at gunpoint into the mountains. He manages to get free, but is injured in the attempt.  Somehow, he makes his way to safety–a cabin rented by Molly Evans.

But when he wakes up tied to her bed and with no memory of how he got there, he’s a little…umm… concerned. And when he realizes she thinks he can only speak Irish, he plays along for his own safety.

Molly Evans is in hiding, too. She has escaped her celebrity life, for the time being, ostensibly to write her next album, but the music just isn’t coming. And then a sexy Irish stranger shows up at her door.

Trapped in her cabin by a mudslide on the road, she must tend to his injuries herself. The more time they spend together, the more their attraction grows.

As both rescue and danger close in, Cáel must wrestle with a choice. Tell her the truth, and risk losing her forever, or keep his secret and risk breaking her heart.

Which will he choose?

 It will be available on Amazon and Kindle. My first book, The Celtic Contract, is still available, too! 

Please check it out, and let me know what you think!




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