Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ever blog…post…thing. I just wanted to share a few things with you all.

So, my first book is out, The Celtic Contract. (That’s “kell-tic”). It’s the first of a series of related stories. The heroes in this series of books are based on a group of Irish male singers, and the women are all strong, independent women, often with secrets of their own. So, yeah, you guessed it. They’re romances, although they have suspense/mystery aspects to them. Some have said they would also call them “cozy mysteries”.

Many have asked why I started writing. The simple truth?  I was bored. My daughter, Kaitlyn, went away to school, and I was left with the cats, no internet and no cable. So…my imagination began working overtime. My solution? Come home from work, feed the cats, go to bed. I was in bed by 7:00 p.m. most nights.


I decided I needed to do something. I bought a notebook and a couple of good pens on the way home from work, put in one of my favorite dvds–Celtic Thunder, naturally–and began to write. The idea for the first book came from a couple of places–a random comment by Julie Lucich, at work (my extremely good friend) and the men who inspired my heroes, the Celtic Thunder performers.

Since I don’t have a computer of my own, I would write the chapters, then re-write them, then type them up on whatever computer I could borrow, or at the library. This presented some challenges–it is a romance, after all. The day I typed up Chapter 17, my face was beet red the entire time. It seemed like every high schooler and junior high kid in the area had essays due that day…there was a huge line of kids behind my computer, all of whom could see what I was typing. Some of the words in that chapter I’ve never even said out loud before.


My second novel, The Celtic Captive, will be available soon. The inspiration behind that book is a song on Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne’s album, Acoustically Irish, called “Captured”. It’s in the “editing” process right now. (Did I mention, I’ve met those guys?! They were so nice! And they each have a copy of my first book–it’s currently traveling with them on tour, maybe even  nestled beside their underwear.) 🙂 🙂

I have quite a few more novels in process…there are two more in the Kilts series coming, a darker one not related to the series at all, and a couple of cookbooks I’m doing with my good friends/family Dennis and DeeDee Irby. (Those of you who just laughed at that last item–fair play.)

So…please check out my website. There’s a pronunciation guide, to help with the Irish names and phrases in my books. There’s a “news” tab. There’s a section where I’ll be posting a chapter of a new story at a time, then asking for suggestions from you all. I’ll use one or more of the suggestions you post in the comments to continue the story, so we’re all writing it together. There’s a link to my books, including the first chapter of The Celtic Contract.

And, please. Let me know what you think!


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